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At our company, we have established "Basic Allergy Policy" so that customers with food allergies can enjoy meals with peace of mind.
Regarding foodstuff containing allergens, it is the obligation or recommendation for suppliers of our foods etc.
7 Specific Raw Materials 7 items Display of Common Foods that may Cause Allergic Reactions Shrimp ・ crab ・ wheat ・ soba(buckwheat) ・ eggs ・ milk ・ peanuts
20 items according to specific raw ingredient Recommended display items Abalone ・ squid ・ salmon roe ・ Orange ・ Cashew Nut ・ Kiwi Fruit ・ Beef ・ Walnut ・ Sesame ・ Salmon ・ Mackerel ・ Soybeans ・ Chicken ・ Banana ・ Pork ・ Matsutake ・ Peach ・ Yams ・ Apples ・ Gelatin
  1. We obtain information on allergens from manufacturers, we offer a hypoallergenic menu that removes (as much as possible) the seven specified ingredients for customers with food allergies. Customers who wish to have hypoallergenic menu, please make request when you make your reservation.
  1. As stated above, in principle, based on information from the manufacturers, we have not eliminated any food ingredients, other than seven ingredients displayed by the manufacturer on the hypoallergenic menu.
  2. To provide a hypoallergenic menu, we need to prepare individual meals according to individual customer's dietary requirements beforehand, so we need to be informed in advance.
    If you require a hypoallergenic menu, please let us know at the time of booking.
  3. The hypoallergenic menu does not guarantee that seven specified ingredients are completely removed. Because various ingredients are cooked in the same kitchen, food may include some trace amount.
  4. For customers who have severe food allergies symptoms, we unfortunately cannot guarantee to be able to respond to your request.
  5. We cannot individually support allergy requests other than the above 7 major allergies for safety reasons.

Dinner Hypoallergenic Adult

Aperitif Seasonal Aperitif
Zensai -appetizer- Three kinds of Pickled Appetizer Sesame tofu
Pumping up Yuba with Jelly on Raw Noodles
Taste of Tavern and Liquor
Tsukuri -Fresh/Raw seafood served with condiments- Five Kinds of Seafood Yellow Tail
King Salmon
Yakimono -Grilled Course- Grilled Rockfish Grated Radish, Vinegar and in Japanese Ginger, Lemon
Hot Pot -Course- Fukui Pork's Shabu-shabu Pot Vegetables, Tofu
Nimono Course -Stewed Vegetables- Red Snapper and Boyle Scallops Steamed Matsumae-Style Red Snapper, Boyle Scallops, Laying Kelp, Cotton Tofu, Shanda, Japanese Leek, Enoki Mushroom, Steamed of Burner, Shiitake Mushroom Taste
Yozara -Western Dishes- Roast Beef Salad Low Allergen Dressing
Shokuji -Rice Course- Mushroom Rice Wild Plants, Mixture of Mushrooms
Tomewan -Soup Course- Soup Forest of Matsutake, Three Leaves, Ami Mushrooms
Konomono -Pickled Vegetables- Three Kinds of Pickled Vegetables
Dessert Cake

Kids Menu

Tsukuri -Fresh/Raw seafood served with condiments- Yellowtail Sashimi
Main Dish Hamburger Potatoes, Deep Fried Chicken, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes
Hot Pot -Course- Spaghetti Bolognese(meat sauce)
Yozara -Western Dishes- Roast Beef Salad Low-Allergen Dressing
Shokuji -Rice Course- Rice
Tomewan -Soup Course- Soup Seaweed, Tofu, Welsh Onion
Dessert Cake

Low-Allergen Menu for Adults ( No Sashimi and smaller amount for Children)

Sides Three Small Side Dishes Sea Weed
Potatoes Boiled in Broth
Spicy Konnyaku(potato gelatin)
Miso Soup Miso Soup with Various Ingredients No Fish Balls
Tsukuri -Fresh/Raw seafood served with condiments- Sea Bream Marinated in Kelp
Yakimono -Grilled Course- Grilled Fish Grated Radish with Soy Sauce, Pickled Japanese Ginger, Lemon
Hot Pot -Course- Hot Pot Enoki Mushrooms, Potherb mustard, Shimeji Mushrooms, Welsh Onions, Spices, Ponzu Vinegar Seasoning
Unmotsu -Warmed Dish- Steamed Vegetables Eiheiji Miso Mayonnaise (Egg Free)
Salad Seaweed Salad Dressing for 7 major allergies
Fresh Fruit Sliced Fruit Assortment
Side Dish Seasoned Nori Seaweed
Konomono -Pickled Vegetables- Three Varieties

*Contains none of the following ingredients or seasonings (wheat, egg, dairy, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, peanuts)

*Contents may change depending on purchase