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  • Katsuyama Sagi-Cho Festival

    Katsuyama Sagi-Cho Festival

    Bamboo New Year’s decorations are burned in gigantic bonfires! Girls playing the Taiko Drums, Shamisen and bamboo flutes ride on beautifully decorated floats moving along the town streets. [DATE AND TIME] Late February


  • Shichiken Morning market

    Shichiken Morning Market

    Our morning market boasts a 400 year history. Here local farmers sell their freshest produce. [DATE AND TIME] Spring Equinox Day - December 31


  • Maruoka Castle Cherry Blossom Festival

    Maruoka Castle Cherry Blossom Festival

    Beginning of April-About 400 Someiyoshino Cherry Trees are planted in the park surrounding Japan's oldest castle tower. The festival is held from April 1st until the 20th. [DATE AND TIME] Early April
  • Mid April-Fukui Echizen Historical Parade


    This parade takes place in mid-April every year. Shibata Katsuya, Matsudaira Shungake and other historical warriors of the Sengoku Period march through the city center dressed in armor. A very popular event. [DATE AND TIME] Mid April
  • Rennyo-Ki


    In Yoshisaki, "RENNYO SHONIN" based his buddhist missionary work, which lasted for more than 330 years, which is carried out in Kyoto according to the wishes of "RENNYO SHONIN". Special Pilgrimage Event. [DATE AND TIME] April 23 - May 2
  • Awara Onsen Spring Festival

    Awara Onsen Spring Festival

    Beginning with dedication of geisha dance, the three floats with 6 meter tall dolls decorated with cherry blossoms, cherry blossom trekking, drumming floats, moving through the town until 10pm. [DATE AND TIME] April 29


  • Mikuni Festival

    Mikuni Festival

    It is known to be one of the Hokuriku's 3 major festivals, and it is be held from May 19 to 21 every year. [DATE AND TIME] May 19, 20, 21
  • French toast picnic

    French Toast Picnic

    French and Italian autos as well as other unusual cars gather at the Kanazu Sosaku No Mori(Artist Colony). Of course, there are plenty of events such as races, auto part s market and food booths. [DATE AND TIME] May 24th


  • Awara Kitagata Lake side Iris Festival

    Awara Kitagata Lake Side Iris Festival

    The Iris garden is embraced by the elegant Kitagata Lake, 200,000 irises of 300 different species such as Edo, Ise, Higo, as well as foreign types compete for about 1 month from the beginning of June. [DATE AND TIME] Mid-June to Late June
  • Takidanji Temple Kannon Festival

    Takidanji Temple Kannon Festival

    We pray for everyone’s health and well being at this festival commemorating the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. [DATE AND TIME] Third Sunday of June Annually



  • Awara Yukake Festival

    Awara Yukake Festival

    Open space bustling with stalls and events. This is a wonderful Summer Festival. When you step into this quiet spa town, you will see rows of lamps made of Japanese paper and bamboo. [DATE AND TIME] August 8 - 9 August
  • Mikuni Fireworks Festival

    Mikuni Fireworks Festival

    Hokuriku's largest high-ranking fireworks festival is held at Mikuni Sunset Beach. [DATE AND TIME] August 11 (May be postponed in case rainy weather)
  • Awara Cup Canoe Polo Competition

    Awara Cup Canoe Polo Competition

    It is Japan's largest canoe polo tournament where more than 70 teams gather from all over the country. [DATE AND TIME] Late August
  • Giant Taiko Drum Festival

    Giant Taiko Drum Festival

  • Kuzuryu Festival

    Kuzuryu Festival

    Eiheiji Temple Lagoon Lantern Event It is held every August as an event to bid farewell to the Fukui summer. [DATE AND TIME] Every August
  • Awara Kitagata Moon Viewing

    Awara Kitagata Moon Viewing

    5,000 lights illuminate Kitagata Lake with it's beautiful natural landscape, enjoy an outdoor tea ceremony. Saturdays at/near the full moon phase. [DATE AND TIME] August - Mid September


  • Maruoka Old Castle Festival

    Maruoka Old Castle Festival

    33,000 people gather at the old castle - "CHILDREN'S DAIMYO PARADE" children and brave "KARAKURI" Automated Doll Floats move through the town. [DATE AND TIME] Second Sunday in October
  • Kuzuryu Autumn Leaves Festival

    Kuzuryu Autumn Leaves Festival

    In addition to the autumn leaves market where local specialty products are for sale, "Mountain ・ Village ・ Sea Foods" are available, the red foliage stage features local arts. [DATE AND TIME] Last Saturday and Sunday in October


  • Mikuni Hot Spring Crab Festival

    Mikuni Hot Spring Crab Festival

    Various events and games. Fresh seafood and local specialty products are available. Locally caught Echizen Crab is the star of the festival. [DATE AND TIME] Mid November