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Awara Onsen's hot spring waters are not managed jointly, each facility has several hot spring wells. For that reason, the specifications of each hot spring are slightly different depending on each facility. You can enjoy hot spring waters of different feelings.
Spring Quality Neutral to slightly alkaline saline containing earth salts
Sodium ・ Calcium ・ Chloride Fountain ・ Colorless Transparent Sulfur Odor
Water Temperature 33.5℃ - 77.5℃ (92.3℉ - 171.5℉)
Efficacy works for:
Rheumatism ・ Chronic Dermatitis ・ Neuralgia ・ Atopic Dermatitis ・ Muscle Pain ・ Joint Pain ・ Chronic Gynecological Illness etc.
works for:
Chronic Gastric Ailments ・ Excess Gastric Acid Especially Chronic Constipation etc.


Awara Onsen is a scenic tourist destination with a history of about 120 years since the opening of the wells in1883. Awara used to be a low wet swamp where reeds grew, but one farmer dug a well in a paddy field for water for irrigation, it was the fact that a hot spring of about 80 degrees including a thin salt was discharged. This was the beginning. In the following year 1884, several hot - spring lodges opened to allow guests to stay overnight. After that, the JNR Mikuni Line 1972 waste disposal line was opened in 1898, the Keifuku Electric Railway Mikuni-Awara Line (present Echizen Tetsudo Railway Mikuni Awara line) opened, rapidly as a hot spring town It has developed. The Fukui Earthquake of June 1948 and the Great Fire1956, left the area in temporary ruin. Afterwards, a spa town, partitioned on a grid, was created under new urban planning.

Today, more than 40 inns operate in this well-aligned hot-spring town, and as "KANSAI'S OKUZASHIKI" and "OSHARE-NO-MACHI TOWN", over one million passengers visit Hokuriku Kaigan Sea Coast and Fukui's most popular hot spring resort. On the outskirts, various kinds of sights including Tojinbo Cliffs famous for their natural beauty beauty, rise with about 500 kinds and 500,000 irises blooming all at once. Echizen Matsushima Aquarium, Mikuni Ryu-shokan, canoe and fishery lodge of Kitagata Lake are popular tourist destinations.


  • Here is a pamphlet of sightseeing information issued by Awara City Tourist Association. In addition to Awara's historic sights and gourmet information, tourist information of the surrounding areas of Sakai City, Kaga City, Eiheiji Town, Okushige region is also posted. On the back side is an index of the contents, local maps and event information.