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For customers, the Ryokan Industry Law Article 6 (Note 1),
please enter your name, address, phone number, others in "CHECK-IN CARD" when entering the building.
We will strictly administer the personal information kept by the company so that it will not be shared with any outside companies and will use it for sending information of the hotel as customer data. Please understand we will not use it for any other purpose.

※If you do not want further information sent, please fill in the fields of the check-in card. In addition, we will strictly manage personal information of custody before the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law (before April 1, 2005), and we will also send you guidance as well. When sending information is unnecessary, we will cease sending, so please do not hesitate to request this.

(Note 1) Article 6 of the Ryokan business law

  1. The business operator shall prepare a guest list of guests, state the name, address, occupation and other information of the guest on this list and submit it when requested by such officials or employees.
  2. When requested by the business operator, the guest shall be informed of the items specified in the preceding paragraph.